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Ballarat in the 1850's

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"When gold was discovered in central Victoria, Australia, more sheep than people inhabited this British Colony. Within twelve months all that had changed and Ballarat became one of the most famous places in the world. By the end of 1854, thousands of fortune hunters had flooded onto the Goldfields from all over the world. Of all the places where gold was discovered, none produced more than the diggings at Ballarat." (Courtesy of

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Click to see Leslie Anne at school School began at 12 noon sharp. The school marm asked Leslie Anne if she was a gypsy because of the way she was dressed... We got to actually pan for "gold" in a little stream like one which may have existed in those times.
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Click to see larger image and diary entry We got to ride on a genuine replica of a stagecoach. This was cool. We enjoyed the company of a couple little kids who were in with us too. Be sure to have a look at the pics.. Leslie Anne hiked up onto an antique potter's wheel and tried her hand at tossing a pot.... Click to larger image of LA at the wheel.
Click to see other images and diary entry The bowling hall had two lanes for *9* pin bowling and a pool table. The Honour Arch, or Arch of Honour, begins the bit of highway that is dedicated to the Click to see larger image and diary entry
Click to diary entry and other pictures at the Eureka stockade The two day pass to Sovereign Hill includes free admission to The Eureka Stockade. Click to see diary entry and pictures. Lastly, we wound up our tour at the Ballarat Gallery of Fine Art... Click to see larger image and diary entry