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What do you say about a day you have thought about for so long? Nothing and everything. Lots of words, to try and capture what's there, but none of the words will say it more perfectly than a remembered look, a smile or a gentle squeeze of the hand.

The stream of words that don't quite catch the days begins...

I arrived safely at Melbourne Airport about 12 minutes late. It was good. When I arrived, Shaun was watching the wrong door and I was able to sneak up on him and give him a surprise hug from behind. (I was gentle. Didn't want to kill him straight away) :-)

As is the habit it seems, He then walked me all over Melbourne. We had not yet gotten rings, opting to take our chances and pick them out together at the store Shaun 'owns'. Shaun's ring is really great. It is two toned - one gold and one silver band. Looks great on his hand. They didn't have that one in my size so the one I picked is a simple gold band.

Then we made the million hour drive to Lakes Entrance where we discovered virtually everything was booked out for the night. We found a place and called it home for the week. An ensuite cabin about a mile from where we would be married in two days.

The rehearsal went fairly well, though I thought I would die from the walk. The celebrant had us walk a steep dune and a 10 minute walk down the beach. I didn't want to get married there because I was (am) too old and fat to make that trek dressed up etc.

The following day we met at the celebrant's house. Shaun's brother, Ricky, arrived with his wife, Wendy, and Shaun's father, Albert.

Then Rosemary arrived. :-) When Rosemary arrived, Shaun leapt to his feet and went outside to greet her. Shaun was thrilled to see her. I was also but felt I'd better hang back and be polite to my future in-laws.

Shaun approached Rosemary's car as Rosemary was busy dragging her pantyhose up over her hips :-) She couldn't quite figure out whether to go with them or without -- elected to go with them and give shaun a free show :-) I wondered what that grin was all about (on both their faces) :-)

The walk over the dunes wasn't as bad on the actual wedding day for some reason. It was a cool enough day and the walk was slow (for me) and no disasters.

It was absolutely great to have Rosemary with us. She can't have any idea how great it was for us. Without her there, I am sure I would have felt like a stranger at my own wedding. I owe her a big one and am sooooo grateful. She drove something like 8 hours that day just to be with us. Unbelievable. Thank you Rosemary!

Along the walk to the nestled setting in the dunes, we came across a great big seal. He was alive and beached. Rosemary said that she or he could get back in the water if he wanted to. How many couples meet up with a beached seal on the way to their wedding? (I hear that it is good luck to see a seal, a pig, two peacocks and a Kookaburra on your wedding day - in that order - and before the day was out, we would see all those things.)

The I wills
Rosemary and Happy Couple
Shaun's Father, Albert Dietrich, was a picture of joy and maturity. He cherishes his relationship with Shaun and was there to support him in every way, as were Shaun's brother Ricky and his wife Wendy.

The celebrant, John Matthews, selected a very nice intimate setting for the wedding. About 10 miles (just kidding) down the beach trecking through deep white sand. I am obviously in no shape for this and haven't walked a sandy beach in over a year. It felt as tough as snow-shoeing. I took it slow and watched everyone, including Shaun's 63 year old father, pass me at a healthy clip.

The Wedding ceremony went exactly as planned. No glitches. Rosemary agreed to take the pictures for us and do the movies. She did a great job. I guess I mentioned a few times how great it was to have her there. :-)

Shaun and I wrote our vows. John led us through each stage of the wedding ceremony deftly guiding us around our nervousness and emotion. I was a basketcase. When Shaun said his vows, I nearly lost it. My Gawd, he is really going to do this! I knew he was going to do it, but my heart wouldn't believe it.

When I said my vows, I was thinking "My gawd, I am really going to do this!" I'd been awake with cold feet the night before but knew Shaun and I are a great match, regardless of the differences in age and appearance. We met from the inside out and know each other better than most people entering into marriage I think. And, better yet -- we like each other a lot! :-)

Then, with tears all over my face, and choking my throat closed, we then had to launch into song! Shaun and I had chosen (HIS idea!) to sing a song at our wedding. We sang "From This Moment On" without the benefit of music. It was interesting :-) I could feel everyone get closer to hear the singing. It would have been ok with me if they had hung back and not listened! Shaun is pretty shy and the fact he wanted to do this amazed me. The fact he did it, and did it with a smile on his face, is something I will treasure always. til the dementia settles in.

John pronounced us husband and wife and we signed the documents right there on the beach. Right after that, we started to head back to the car. Shaun points to his thongs thongs as if to say "Woman (wench) (slave), pick these up" !!!! I was shocked! Rosemary and I looked at each other like "Is he nuts!?" :-) hehehe then I picked up his shoes and we walked back, slowly. It was a fun walk back to the car, with Rosemary beside us and the dad and others on up ahead. Everyone content with their own little piece of the beach.

On to the reception....

Shaun's brother, Ricky