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The rural road to Wyanga Park Winery is unpaved, pot-holed and steep at times. Winding up the hill and deep into the bush, you get the feeling you have made a wrong turn and are never going to get there. But at last you come to a rustic cabin at the end of the road.

We had dropped by on Sunday to check it out. A crowd of young wine testers were gathered around an amiable gent in his 50's sporting a great crop of salt and pepper hair. Bursting out of his full beard was a comforting and welcoming smile and delightful laugh. I think he works there part time to help his daughter out. He showed us around and we were quite pleased.

The day of the wedding, there was a great big ole pig sitting in the field next to our car. Couldn't have been any bigger. He kinda looked like a log impersonating a pig but it was the other way around apparently cuz when we returned, the log-pig had vanished. :-)

They had set the luncheon up beautifully on the back verandah. An intimate setting for 8, on two picnic tables. Decorative wine bottles were vases.

The light lunch consisted of various fresh breads and homemade soups. This sounded good to us when it was first mentioned. Looking back, it appears to us that maybe we should have had a little more, because we found out one of our guests was pretty hungry when he left! ooops. It's hard to imagine a bigger eater than Shaun, but there is one. :-)

There were three homemade soups served. I had the Italian Tomato, Shaun had the Sweet Potato, Albert had the Squash, and I forget the others. I think it was squash anyway. I remember thinking Shaun would get that one and he didn't. The Breads were great.

Usually people buy gifts for their wedding party. Whereas there were only 8 people in the whole wedding, including guests, I decided to buy gifts for everyone (except Shaun, ooops again.) :-). I'd bought Rosemary a pen a long time ago with her name and our wedding date on it. Turns out I picked her favorite color (green) so I got lucky there. I got the others some neat swiss army knives that are designed to go on your key ring. They are small and colored. They have a flashlight and a pen on them. The guests seemed to like them ok. When Albert retired a few years ago, I wanted to get him a knife for the farm. For one reason or another I didn't do that. So this time around I got him a big ole buck knife. It had a great blade and I think he likes it.

Rosemary and Albert
If we could do it over again (and we will, next Valentine's Day with the children ) :-) we would like to do something with the tables so that we could talk between tables more easily. The tables weighed a ton and we were unable to move them. If we had sat at one long picnic table, or tables would have been even better, we would have been able to talk to each other better. I was glad to talk with Rosemary and Mr. Dietrich but felt bad to see John and Nola's backs.

Mr. Dietrich wasn't as shy as I expected him to be. He is very quiet, smiley and conversant. He and Rosemary compared how to squish the big ugly Huntsman Spiders. Seems Mr. Dietrich has a technique that doesn't squash the guts all down the walls. yuck! I still haven't seem one of these loathesome creatures. :-) Thank God.


The cake was beautiful. Given that we were such a small group, the cake was beautiful. It was a yellowy hard frosting decorated with flowers and strawberries and chocolate drizzle. The inside of the cake was solid fudge I believe. I thought the knife would not go through it because it was so solid. I'm used to white wedding cake, white frosting. This was quite different and had a good (RICH!) taste. Like the soups, the cake was delicious.

We opened gifts, enjoyed our cake and coffee, and took lots of pictures of the animals and birds. Ricky and his wife had a long drive back to Melbourne and Rosemary did as well. I still can't believe Rosemary came all this way to do this for us. The wedding lunch broke up and we said our goodbyes to the Wyanga Park winery, the peacocks and kookaburra.

Somewhere it is said that it is good luck to see a beached seal, a pig, two peacocks a magpie and a kookaburra on your wedding day. :-) Well, it helps to be in love too. I think we will have good luck then. :-)

Q and Shaun try to cut the cake
Ro and Shaun in front of double decker