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Below are a few pictures of friends' dogs and good sites having to do with dachsies, other dogs, and other animals.

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Click to see movie or webpage. Wrinkles von brattwurst is 12 and aging. He has led a full life, having been paralyzed and fully recovered. He also has traveled all around the country with us and lived through the gruelling move to Australia. He is a very happy pup today. See a slide show of his life. It is a tear-jerker for us :-)
Update: On July 17, 2002 Wrinkles wandered off through an open gate and was struck and killed. :-(
If you wanna hear some barking, click here :-). This is Rosemary Sisson and her pack of dachsies. Check out some noisy movies if you really wanna hear dachsies barking!

More Barking

Ro Doorbell

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Click to see movie or webpage. Meredith Chesterton runs this site to memorialize dachsies who have passed over to the Rainbow Bridge is maintained by Jean Nuss. This is the evolution of the original I believe the organization is pretty big these days. The website is very complete! Click to see movie or webpage.

I've known Kay Nelson for as long as I can remember being on the Internet. She and her lovable perdack pack have graced dachsies@ and noiseE@ wherever we have moved :-).

Check out their website at

Patsy is a dapple dachshund. sweet isn't she? She and her mom, Joyce, are members of noiseE. patsy
Bailey. Bailey is Scott and Denise Graham's co-owner. They live in Florida. Cayenne is Scott and Denise's other co-owner. They are clearly in control :-) cayenne.
Click to see larger image. Lexy is Cindy Walsh's owner. She is still just a young pup, just under a year. I got cute and created a picture of her sitting with her puppy self. Click to have a look. Then use your back button on the browser to return to here. Chance is Nonnie Hotchkiss' owner. Yes, he is a very BIG dachshund. even bigger than Charlie Rose :-) Click to see a full bodied pic of Chance. Click to see a larger pic of Chance.
Click to see larger image of this gigantic cat!. This is one big pussycat! Rocky owns Holy Cow. He must weigh 25 pounds or more! Well, when we got that pic of Holy Cow's cat, Rocky, we rushed right over to the farm with camera in hand. We had to capture Shaun's cat, Smokey, on digital image so that y'all can see how big Smokey is. The two cats would run neck-and-neck in a big man contest, with Holy Cow's Rocky 'possssibly' winning out. Click to see a pic of Shaun and Smokey. Click to see a larger pic Smokey with Shaun.
Click to see larger image of our Panther Snickers isn't very big, but he is really beautiful :-). He is one gigantic panther. He was a stray that LA brought home (one of a dozen or more) and I couldn't let this one go cuz he reminded me so much of Clawed de Pussy my black cat when I was growing up. So, we moved him to Australia too! sheesh. When we first talked about moving to Australia, Charlie was NOT in our lives. Who woulda thunk we'd be taking in this poor boy *and* planning a move overseas? Ah well...I am not the brightest bulb in the shop. Charlie isn't either! Charlie loves to sleep with Ricky, so here you have him at his happiest. :-) Click to see Ricky's new pajamas. :-) Click to see the full effect
Click to see larger image of Onkelbob's cat family. Onkelbob loves kitties big-time. Here is their Swedish litter and mama Tussan. Here is the mama kitty. Tussan is Onkel's pride and joy. Click to see the full effect
Nonnie and Cocoa When Nonnie realized Chance (see horse above) made it onto the teenydogs page before her own actual teenydog, she made sure to get a couple pics of Cocoa emailed off to me. Nonnie has been owned by dachshunds for a long while. Honeybear will always be loved and missed but Cocoa obviously has a special place in Nonnie's heart. Here is Cocoa, all by herself. ahhhhh dachsies :-) Cocoa
newmoon's Cuddles "Newmoon", otherwise known as "Monica" or "new" can be found on Qbble. She came to meet a few of us from dachsies on the mIRC channel "dachsies". We have been friends since. This is a picture of Cuddles, Newmoon's smooth red dachsie. Isn't she cute? And this is Newmoon's silver dapple, "Silver". Adorable. :-) Newmoon's Silver Dapple -Silver
A very Special old man You can check out Doxette's Ca$h (cache) HERE . Ca$h is a very special champion. Have you noticed that all my friends have very fat cats!!! This is Mortimer Snerd, Ca$h's pussy. :-)

Update: On January 8th, 2004 Mortimer was diagnosed with a large tumor obstructing his ability to eat. We will miss Mortimer Snerd, the kitty that thought he was a dachsie.
Doxette's Cat, Mortimer Snerd
what a hunter! Click on image to see movies of Wrinkles' 12th birthday party :-) On November 24, 2001, two days after Thanksgiving, Johnt lost his beloved Gretchen to Cancer. Click on Gretchen to read Johnt's moving words and see her pictures.