Agro = Aggravated, "Tulip got AGRO when I forgot to feed her!"
Arvo =
Afternoon, "Tulip and I will call in this ARVO so don't get AGRO!"
Aussie (pronounced Ozzie) = Australian "The AGRO AUSSIE went OFF HIS BLOCK this ARVO."
Barbie = BBQ = "Come on over and we'll throw some kababs on the barbie"
Barrack = Root for, cheer, "We BARRACK for the Mighty AUSSIE Brisbane Lions. This ARVO, our opponent, the FERREL Magpies, will get AGRO when we win!
Bathers = Bathing Suit, "When we go to squeaky beach, we go behind the rocks to change into our BATHERS"
Bludger - a lazy person who evades responsibilities, often applied to one who collects the dole and doesn't try to find work. "That BLUDGER doesn't do a thing!"
Biscuits or bickies = Cookies, "Would you like a BICKIE with your CUPPA?"
Bitumen = A poorly made, inexpensive, asphalt country road material, "We will drive up the dirt road, until we get to the Strzylecki Hwy, a BITUMEN road."
Bloke = Man. "That BLOKE asked a SHEILA to join him for BRECKIE."
Bob = Dollar. "I saved 2 BOB at the sale today"
Bob's your Uncle = the result. "Go do this and then do that, then, BOB's YOUR UNCLE!"
Breckie = Breakfast, "What's for BRECKIE, mum?"
Bush = country area, "We went camping out in the BUSH country"
Car park = Parking lot, "The CAR PARK at the mall was CHOCKA BLOCK!"
Chips = Thick French fries "I'll have a piece of whiting (fish) and a minimum CHIPS."
Chocka block = Full. "The CAR PARK was CHOCKA BLOCK"
Chook = A live grown Chicken, "Norma gets eggs from the CHOOK yard every day."
Chrissie = Christmas, "I hope you will join us for CHRISSIE dinner"
Cuppa = Cup of tea or coffee, "Stan, would you like a BICKIE with your CUPPA?"
Dag - a person with little or no dress sense, uncouth. Usually used affectionately. "That SHEILA is such a DAG!"
Daks = Underpants, "Pull your pants up. Your DAKS are hanging out."
Dob = Snitch, 'Someone needs to DOB in Stevie for WAGGING school!"
Engaged = (phone) busy, "the phone is ENGAGED."
Fair dinkum= Someone or something genuine. "It was a FAIR DINKUM game. The Lions were the clear victors over the Magpies, again!"
Fairy Floss = Cotton candy, "Leslie Anne got a FAIRY FLOSS machine for CHRISSIE!
Ferrel - wild, untamed, nasty, ugly. "That Sheila looked FERREL in those work boots!"
Footy = Australian Rules Football "Tommorrow, we are going to the FOOTY to watch the Lions beat the Bulldogs!"

G'day = Australian for hello, "G'DAY MATE."
Good on ya= Good job, good for you. "GOODONYA mate! Well done!"
Happy as Larry = Very happy, "Leslie is as HAPPY AS LARRY when she eats her FAIRY FLOSS!"
Icy pole = Popsicle "Let's walk to the MILK BAR and get an ICY POLE!"
jelly = jell-o "I would like some aeroplane jelly and cream"
Jumper = Sweater "Put your JUMPER on. It's cold outside!"
Lollies = Candy "Stan's new favorite LOLLIES are 'Freddo Frogs and Minties'.
Lift = Elevator. "Take the LIFT up to the 3rd floor toy department"
Mackers =McDonald's "Let's go get a Happy Meal at MACKERS!"
Mate= Friend "My MATE and I are going for a bike ride."
Milk bar = Convenience store "Let's go to the MILK BAR for some LOLLIES and ICY POLES!"
Minimum Chips - A gigantic $2 order of steak fries. "I'll have a MINIMUM CHIPS and a piece of fish"

Mozzie =Mosquito "Shut the screen door. You're letting the MOZZIES in."
Mum and dad = Mother and father
Nappy =Diaper "NO WORRIES, MATE. Ricky will change the baby's NAPPY"
No worries =No problem at all "NO WORRIES, MATE. I'LL SHOUT TEA TONIGHT."
Off his block = Angry, Temper Tantrum. "The AGRO FERREL magpie fan went OFF HIS BLOCK when the Lions won the FOOTY premiereship (again :-) )
Oz Australia "The Bloke from Oz went OFF HIS BLOCK when he lost his job.
Petrol= Gasoline "We need to stop at the PETROL STATION and get 20 litres of fuel."
Pie - Meat Pie "I'll have a plain PIE and SAUCE.."

Prezzies= Presents "I Bought lots of CHRISSIE PREZZIES!"
Push bike= Bicycle "Shaun, Sue, Leslie Anne and I are going on a gigantamungus bike ride around Melbourne this weekend. We will bring three push bikes."
Rellies = Relatives "All the RELLIES like to get together for a Chrissie barbie."
Rubber = Pencil eraser "Do you have a RUBBER, mate? I stuffed up my maths"
Sacked = Fired from your job "The boss SACKED me. Now I'll be a dole BLUDGER.
Sauce = A tomato sauce similar to Ketchup but no vinegar. "I'll have a pie and sauce."
Scones (pronounced "skawns") Biscuits. "I love giant SCONES filled with fresh whipped cream and fruit"

Sheila = female. "That SHEILA has a great hat"
SHOUT = PAY. "I'll Shout for the meal this time. You can shout another time"
Stickybeak= Being Nosy. "When there is a house for sale in the area, Sue and Shaun will often go have a stickybeak to see if the house is better than theirs."
Snag=Sausage "Come on over and we'll put some SNAGS and KABABS on the BARBIE"

Shonky= A questionable deal " The shopping channel is Shonky"
Swag = Canvas bag for your belongings. "Just bring a SWAG and we'll toss it in the back of the UTE and we'll go camping.
Ta = Thanks. "Here's your Happy Meal, Mr. Lewis. Enjoy your meal!" "Ta"
Tea= Dinner "What's for TEA, mum?" "Pizza!"
Tucker= Food "Just bring your own TUCKER for the FOOTY game."
Tuckshop = School cafeteria or snack shop "Let's stop by the TUCKERBAG (or TUCKSHOP) on the way home from school to get a PIE
Ute Utility vehicle, pickup truck but it has a flat area on the back
Wagging=playing hooky "Zac would never get caught wagging school"
You Beauty = said when something is great. Like, if Zac gets his yellow belt, someone might say, "You Beauty!"
Whinge= Complain all the time, "what's he whinging about now?"
Woop Woop A long way from civilisation "When we go camping, we go way out in the woop woops."
You Right? May I help you? Do you need anything? "You right?" "Ya mate, I'm right."