Collecting Nation
Collecting Nation is made up of a bunch of people that know each other from working at Pointecom, back in the good ole days of low wages, high stress, and limited job security.

We work here because we are hard workers when we have to be, and we play hard, whenever possible! Click on the picture to the right to see a movie of me - taken under my office desk - on Halloween 1999. :-)

Sooooo....why did you click on a happy turd to get to this page? (Why DID you anyway? :-).) Well... on my uhmmmm 24th (uh huh) birthday, Cassie (the resident party-goer-giver-getter) made a dirty litter-pan cake for me. It was hysterical. Gagged me to the max! It took me all day long to try to eat Mr. Stinky. There are movies below, somewhere. They are pretty funny. Cassie is so...'out there?'

Mr. President, where are u?

Mr. President, where are u?

Sarah once told me she loves me. :-)
Those were the days :-). A couple hours later, I was literally crawling up the stairs wondering when I had the escalator installed in my house. :-) We had been celebrating with the entire accounting department of Pointecom. They had been laid off. You wonder why Pointecom couldn't earn money after that!? Ahhh who neeeds anyone to manage the money right!?

Sarah is this multi-talented goddess that does all the graphic stuff for everyone. Her Hallowe'en CD is a gotta have. (send me $49.95 and you too can have her Halloween thriller.)

Unknown Sex Goddess
Don't let her adorable girl next door image toss you a curve. Cassie is two bricks short of a full load. A brilliant head for doing the job, and better organizational skills you won't find but...nuts? You bet. :-) Among her oddities...well, anyone with more than 3 cats is doubtfully sane anyway. She has 7. LOL. Get this... She has 7 cats and devotes her life to rescuing DOGS! She doesn't OWN a dog! Check out her Houston Collie Rescue to see dawgies in need of good homes.

Cassie's favourite holidays are Hallowe'en, Christmas, Ground Hog's day and any day off from work. She also likes October 1st or second cuz it is Apple day in her home down. She enjoys celebrating birthdays - especially other peoples'

just about certifiable
I First met Robin on her birthday. Or was it her graduation day? It was some occasion anyway :-). We went out to celebrate at the Red Lobster. I tole y'all Cassie likes to party! Robin is a church-going, pious lovely sweet innocent young thing. The voice of reason and restraint at Collecting Nation. (Shaun says he is shocked by my description of her, but he didn't get a chance to know her in the biblical sense. I don't think. hmmmm)

Her dad is a great cook and would always bake us some sort of walnuty sugary cake-bread. yummmmmmmmm

Sister Robin
I don't have any good pictures of Sally. Believe me, this one does not do her justice :-). Click on Sally to see her most recent movie. Sally is the voice of reason and good sense at Collecting Nation (when Robin isn't available for advice, that is.) She is good people. Also a product of the Pointecom Accounting Department major layoff boondoggle, Sally has been a friend for about 5 years and came to Collecting Nation/Wantads/Transcentives about a year ago.
Cliff was in charge of the network while I was in Houston (before I left to go set up the massive Australia Branch). Sometimes I would come back from lunch and he would have done some shitty thing to my machine. I think one time he set it up so it would fart every 30 minutes. LOL. Another time, he set up the machine so every time I hit a certain key combo, the pc would reboot. Another time, he rigged my desk drawer with rubber bands so that every time I opened my top drawer, it would not open all the way and when I let go, it would spring closed. Boy was I abused!

Oh I DID get even once. He was all upset when he came back from lunch. I overheard him in the next room calling a store to complain about a clerk being soooo rude to him. The guy told Cliffy that he would speak to the woman in question. :-)))))) Soooooooo.... I called up and pretended to be that woman. Said I did NOT appreciate him calling saying I was rude and that I did not like His ATTITUDE. On and on it went. Cliffy was screaming into the phone at me. I was near tears laughing so hard - trying not to spoil it. He hung up on me and starts to storm out of his office. Cassie, Robin and I just laugh at him. I think it took all of that afternoon to calm him down!

Cliffy boasts the title of being just about the only man in recent times who has actually made me blush from embarrassment. :-). (He showed me his tan line!) My my my. :-)

Cliff has a very sexy singing voice (in contrast to his reg'lar speaking voice! j/k). We went to karaoke bars with him a few times and had a blast. Well, that is until they stopped inviting us back cuz I would get up and try too! Lick on Cliffy...errrr I mean Click on Cliffy to see him in action. There are other links also on this page.

missing you!

Cliff aka Garth Brooks

Cliff singing bye bye

Punch the Mimi

Cliff, Robin, Sarah and Cassie all put their heads
and voices together to create up with this Flash
Presentation of "Punch the Mimi".
Yes, the *mimi* is me on Hallwe'en. :-)

John Babina
The original brains of the original Collecting Nation, Babina joined our company when Bill Holbert's group bought Collecting Nation out. John still lives in Connecticut and doesn't socialize with us, but since he did go out with us one night, he deserves mention here :-).

John and I should be best of friends by all accounts because he seems to love the same things I do. He is a whiz at Perl (almost as good as Shaun, maybe) and he loves scrabble (even goes to tournaments). His operating system of choice is UNIX and he loves to do karaoke. Click on John to see the song he dedicated to me. :-)

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Here are some other movies from our days together.

Shaun the pool shark
Best Wishes :-)
Eating Mr. Stinky
The 51st Street Bridge
(On Business trip to NYC with Sarah)
Time Square with Sarah

The sexy man who took me away from all of this, My husband Shaun mmmmm
.... ....