LeslieAnne's 13th Birthday
LeslieAnne turned 13 on May 17th, 2001. We bought her a brand new pc (not because she is spoiled but because she needed one. Hers was old. Rick mailed her 3 CDs, a visor, a card and some pocket money. She got a nice card from Roger and Mary Demeny, and lots of emailed good wishes from friends all over the world.
Homemade Cake
Her day ended on a sour note with her getting depressed. She wanted very much to go back to Webster to visit her friends but her father has not made those arrangements still. She is aching because school gets out in Webster next week and she is afraid that she won't see any of her friends again. (If you know her friends, please ask them to email her at athena@n2music.com.)

Before this bout of sadness, she had a nice birthday getting to know her new grandparents. (She took out all her stuffed animals and introduced them to the grandparents. Showed them lots of pictures. _ This is what set off the homesickness.)

Norma made LA a lovely cake
Here are some movies of the day.

LA's Birthday cake Song
Around the table
Thank you Mr and Mrs Demeny
Thank you dad
.... ....